Refine Design Studio create interior spaces with a unique identity. Our aim is to realise and exceed the vision of each client, creating a cohesive and authentic space.




We take on a wide array of commercial projects, from office spaces, concepts and implementation for property development as well as hospitality.

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We take on any kind of residential work, and work in a wide array of styles. The most important thing is bringing the client’s vision to life to create the idea home environment for you.


The lead for this mission was the Beverly hills hotel, and plenty of storage. After that we were free to interpret the customer's wishes into reality. It resulted in this creative and unique guest suite with plenty of storage and extra everything in true Art Deco style.



Photographer: Elisabeth photography, Elisabeth Daly

A residential building in Vallastaden, Linköping consisting of 21 apartments. Full interior design concept by Refine Design Studio.
The wooden house is a passive house on 4 floors. The work was to create concepts with choice of materials, and to some extent new layout and layout of selected apartments in the housing project. Technical drawings are made and the concept of choice of materials, colors and details for construction projects is planned for both apartments, entrance halls and stairwells.


Photographer: Elisabeth photography, Elisabeth Daly

Apartment 2, Residential building in Vallastaden, Linköping consisting of 21 apartments.
Full interior design concept by Refine Design Studio.

Photographer: Elisabeth photography, Elisabeth Daly


A family returning home from living abroad wanted to bring in both a distinctly Scandinavian colour palette, as well as inspiration from their years abroad. Combining their preferred modern design aesthetic with the late 19th century architecture, with sprawling ceilings and elaborate cornicing creates an interesting juxtaposition that highlight the best of both, without creating conflict between them.


Photographer: Clearcutfactory, Christian Olsson


This corporate office in the heart of Stockholm projects a feminine elegance. The basic colour scheme is warm and inviting, with a nude tone added onto various textures around the office.



Photographer: Elisabeth photography, Elisabeth Daly


This office is a modern twist on the gentlemen’s smokers lounge, the colour scheme is dark and masculine, using traditional and highly tactile materials such as leather, velvet and wood. Deep brown, dark emerald green and the cognac colour of the leather set the tone for the space, while the clean and modern lines create a contemporary experience.



Photographer: Clearcutfactory, Christian Olsson


This is a Scandinavian dream of a kitchen, subtle tones of grey, natural materials and a touch of the new nordic noir with darker accents. The whole space was opened up to create a kitchen for the whole family to spend time together.



Photographer: Clearcutfactory, Christian Olsson


We had the privilege of creating this green art deco oasis, with an industrial twist for a client. Plenty of bespoke solutions were implemented to create a practical and unique bathroom, suitable for family life. For a smaller space such as a bathroom it is important to optimise the use of the space to create good storage, and ease of function.  

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Photographer: Petter Johansson photography,Petter Johansson


This apartment in central Stockholm has been given a style update for the new millenium. A bright new colour scheme, clean lines and design classics makes it the perfect home for a young professional couple.



Photographer: Clearcutfactory, Christian Olsson


Custom made kitchen in walnut and limestone. The family asked for a warm and rustic kitchen but still minimal and modern with all practical functions and two dishwashers. The character of the walnut is well-balanced with the monochrome feeling of the warm gray tones in the upper cabinets and walls. The kitchen fan was also special coated in the same gray color. The counter top in limestone adds another dimension of materials and together whit the black details in mixer, sink and window section they together provide a perfect balance. Very much likable!



Photographer: Refine Design Studio